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Did you Know?

The iMort™ Lender system allows user-defined rules for any origination channel. This allows your business units to have easily customized program, product, and pricing structures.

Increase Customer Confidence and Trust.

iMort™ Security

All customer files remain resident on a centralized loan database. Clients can securely access their loan files from any computer with an Internet connection directly through a private-labeled website with the Lender’s branding. Mortrax takes cyber threats and natural disasters seriously.  We employ disaster recovery including fire-suppression, generator back ups, and ‘industrial strength’ virus scanning software.  All data receives network level security with added firewall protection.  For the utmost protection, we back up your files daily and store them offsite in a bank vault for added safety measures.



  • Concrete Tilt-Up Construction
  • 24 inch raised floor
  • Steel Seismic Bracing added to meet the 1997 Seismic / Earthquake codes (Title 24 Seismic) for Los Angeles area
  • All racks / cabinets are seismically braced and bolted directly to the concrete flooring
  • Dimax – Building Management / Alarm Monitoring System
  • Power and data cables are run perpendicular from each other to minimize any electrical field interaction
  • Janitorial service is bonded, insured and licensed


  • 7/16 inch thick steel sheeting around the front door and within the front reception area
  • 2 level, man-trap, security access – before actually being able to enter the raised floor area
  • 256+ - fixed positioned, security cameras
  • All camera footage is recorded and held for a minimum of 30 days
  • Level 5 bullet-resistant walls / glass (Kevlar Lined walls) in the front entry, lobby, guard station, and shipping and receiving areas
  • 24 x 7 x 365 on-site security guards
  • Security service is bonded
  • No signage on building


  • Data Center temperature maintained at 72 degrees +/- 2 degrees
  • Thermostats / Humidistats are located around the building on the walls, posts and ceilings
  • 16 – 135 Ton air conditioners N+6 – all 16 are running continuously w/redundant capacity
  •   6 – 135 Ton air conditioners support redundant capacity
  •   2 – 30 ton air-conditioners independently support NOC and NODE
  • Air handlers are located on the roof (roof access is restricted and monitored).
  • Supply air temperature entering the IDC averages 55 – 62% varying with load conditions
  • Ring duct in ceiling allows us to add diffusers (vents) where needed to provide additional air flow
  • 2 – 125 Ton A/C Units, and 1 – 70 Ton unit is dedicated to UPS Room


Pager notification service with California Independent System Operator (ISO) to monitor

California utility power Stage Alerts and rolling black outs

  • 6 main electrical distribution buses
  • 24 MGE UPS’s 
  • 10 Caterpillar 2000KW (2.0MW) generators
  • Each generator has 3,000 gals of diesel fuel – enough to power it for 22 hours at full load
  • 4 – 12,000 gal. Diesel Fuel storage convault tanks (in addition to the primary fuel tanks) provide enough fuel to run generators continuously for 72 hours at full load
  • UPS batteries support data center load until automatic transfer to generator is completed
    50 power management modules (PMM’s) with 168 – 20 amp power circuits from each 165KVA power distribution unit (PDU); customized circuits provided as needed;
    Power is served to the PDUs via 2 separate independent UPS power sources
  • Each PDU has it’s own Automatic Static Transfer Switch which can switch the power to the alternate source within 4 milliseconds
  • Contracts with local fuel companies to provide additional on-site fuel, once generators are started


  • VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm system; small white ‘air sampling tubes’ draw air into chambers, where lasers analyze the air for smoke content
  • Clean-Gas hand-held fire extinguishers are through-out the building
  • Fire station located approximate 600 feet from the data center.
  • Heat detectors (140 degree) and Smoke detectors are located on the ceilings around the building


  • Redundant OC48s
  • X – 4 inch conduits for telco fiber leading to the street
  • Multiple redundant network paths
  • All network operators certified internet systems engineers

Join the quickly growing list of Mortrax customers, and you will witness an evolution in your business model.  To learn more about the benefits of the iMort™ web-based technology and whether it is the best option for your origination process, contact a Relationship Manager at (305) 444-9010 or (888) 554-9010.