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iMort™ Lender
a data management system for loans, programs, products, pricing, and prequalifications.

iMort™ Engine
a product, pricing, and prequalification system that uses more than 2,500,000 data elements to make real-time pricing and loan option decisions using the patent pending trueBestEx technology.

iMort™ Pipeline Pricer
a data upload mechanism to allow product and pricing analysis on 100’s of loans at one time for bulk deliveries, or to satisfy mark-to-market accounting requirements.

iMort™ Consumer
a online application that allows the consumer to run different loan scenarios while applying for a mortgage loan by interfacing with the iMort™ engine.

With the newly released iMort™ version 3.2, it is easier than ever to deliver real-time products and pricing to your Originators and Consumers.  See our recent enhancements

iMort™ Advantage

Increase loan submissions
Efficiency, competitiveness, and customer service largely determine a lender’s success. The iMort™ system was designed and built for these reasons. Consumers, as well as Retail and Wholesale originators will quickly discover the fast turn around time provided by your organization. Dramatically reducing the amount of time from point-of-sale to funding can double --even triple -- your submissions.

Improve customer service and relationships between lender, originator and consumer.
The goal is the same; create a profitable and saleable loan, while providing accurate and timely service. With the iMort™ system, this goal is now a reality. There has never been a more efficient way to deliver accurate and extensive program, product, and pricing information between the participants of a loan transaction. Why struggle to achieve these goals, when the iMort™ system is ready to help.

Eliminate human pricing errors that can greatly reduce profits.
Any ‘missed’ adjustment to rate, price, or margin can cost hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. In today’s Mortgage lending environment, accuracy is of the utmost importance. The iMort™ system can take the worry away by ensuring that every Consumer, Originator, and Secondary Market analyst is getting the right pricing. The days of ‘oops, I missed that adjustment’ are over.

Real-time pricing is current, accurate, and can be updated in seconds.
Using a sophisticated data transport system, investor prices are accessible less than one minute after delivery via email. The iMort™ system allows the lender to manage changes in the market by applying a MarketMove value. There has never been a way for Secondary Marketing to administer prices so effectively.

Registration, pricing, and locking is available 24/7 at any web-enabled computer.
Whether the originator is at home, the office, or a customer location, the web-based iMort™ system is available 24/7. An originator no longer needs to fax a registration or lock form, or wait for a processor to send loan information to Secondary Marketing; simply logon to iMort™ via your private label website access, and registration, pricing, and lock-in can occur in seconds.

Virtually any loan program and product can be accommodated.
The iMort™ system was built to be scalable and adapt to every type of residential loan offered in the Secondary Market. By combining our MasterRules technology, and Special Feature codes, the array of loan programs that can be offered by a lender is endless.

Join the quickly growing list of Mortrax customers, and you will witness an evolution in your business model.  To learn more about the benefits of the iMort™ web-based technology and whether it is the best option for your origination process, contact a Relationship Manager at (305) 444-9010 or (888) 554-9010.