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Pipeline Pricer Feature:

Files can be uploaded with a large number of loans for program compliance and
true BestEx pricing analysis. This is great for bulk sellers or companies needing to do mark-to-market calculations at month end.

Finally, the technology you want at a price you can afford!

iMort™ Pipeline Pricer

Sometimes, putting a single loan through the product and pricing analysis process is not enough.  The iMort™ Pipeline Pricer was designed with this in mind.

Accounting rules require some companies to perform regular ‘mark to market’ calculations for their locked pipeline.   Other companies simply want to prepare a loan package for bulk delivery.  Even others regularly need to know if a group of loans is eligible for delivery under specific loan programs.

Using the iMort™ Pipeline Pricer, a file can be uploaded with virtually an unlimited number of loans.  You can provide your files in a Microsoft Excel file format, or using an XML structure.  If it is important for the analysis to be performed at a specific date or time, (which may correspond to when bids on a bulk package are due), there is a scheduling function for this purpose.  As if these features were not enough, Mortrax makes our enormous database of loan transactions available to you as well, in lieu of uploading a file.  With our simple rule editor, a few clicks can provide a query that creates a file with numerous loans that meet your specified criteria for processing, and allows the user to save it for immediate and/or future use.

After your data has passed our ‘research filter’, each loan is evaluated using the same logic contained in the iMort™ Engine, including the true BestEx™ pricing determination.   This allows the loans to be analyzed for program compliance, as well as pricing valuations, within 2-3 seconds per loan. Imagine being able to price a loan package, verify eligibility, and see accurate loan-level statistics accurately and efficiently.  The iMort™ Pipeline Pricer provides our users complete control of a loan package (or an entire pipeline) when time is critical for large scale analysis. Any file that is uploaded, or created via a query, can be processed an unlimited number of times during a 30 day period before it is archived.

Another valuable feature of the iMort™ Pipeline Pricer is the ‘compare to’ option.  Within seconds, the uploaded file can be easily configured for comparison to a pre-selected pricing structure versus the true BestEx™ pricing determination.   By doing this, our users can perform analysis related to how one particular pricing structure compares to all other available structures in order to provide valuable mathematical differences.  Regardless of the types, or quantities, of loans put through this process, the results will astound you.  There has never been an easier way to do large scale program compliance, or pricing analysis.

If the scheduler option is used, an email will be sent to you upon completion of the analysis process, with a notification that the results are ready for review and printing.  From there, the possibilities are endless.  These are just some of the reasons that the iMort™ Pipeline Pricer can help your company save significant time and money.

Join the quickly growing list of Mortrax customers, and you will witness an evolution in your business model.  To learn more about the benefits of the iMort™ web-based technology and whether it is the best option for your origination process, contact a Relationship Manager at (305) 444-9010 or (888) 554-9010.