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Loans can be analyzed for program and product eligibility in a few clicks. Pricing is available with complete loan-level adjustments in seconds. Online Ratelocks and confirmations are fully automated to avoid ‘human error’.


iMort™ can answer these questions and more in seconds!

iMort™ Originator Questions

10 sample Originator questions.  iMort™ can answer these questions and more in seconds!

I have a conforming EA 2 Credit approval.  Can I offer a 5/1 ARM?  If so, what are the Caps and Margin?
What is the maximum Par Plus I can get after all my adjustments on a cash-out refinance with No Prepayment?
Can I get a Interest Only feature on this loan.  If so, how long is the Interest Only period?
My borrower doesn’t want 5/2/5 caps.  Can I get 2/2/5 caps on this loan instead?
What is the minimum credit score I need on a 90% No Doc cash-out refinance for this 2-unit property?
Is there a program that gives more than $250,000 cash back?  My borrower owns this property free and clear.
My borrower applied for a 30 Yr loan and now wants a 20 Yr.  If it isn’t available, what are my ARM options?
Can I offer a different prepayment period other than 3 year?
I have a DU approval loan using Stated Income verification.  Do I price it FNMA or non-conforming?
My borrower only has a 633 score on a No Ratio loan.  What kinds of products can I offer?

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